Wire hangers may be cheap and space saving but not a good option to hang clothes. They can actually damage your clothes. The T-Shirt and shirts can hang better on wire hangers but the knits that are heavy tend to sag down due to their weight and the wire can't give enough support to hold them well, result, the neck line or shoulders become shapeless after a while. 

There is all danger that the wire hanger catches rust if used to hang wet clothes to dry and that rust a damage a dress/shirt when hung later. 

The also pose hazards to children because of the sharp and metal edges. 

One metal hanger here and there, stored away from children is useful to open door knobs when locked, when a baby is caught inside the room and locks himself/herself, wire hangers are there for rescue.

If you have too many wire hangers, and are not interested in using them after reading this article, think of taking them to a recycling plant. And splurge in wooden hangers or if you think they are expensive or that clothes don't need such an expense, then plastic hangers are better. However, when choosing plastic hangers, buy the stronger ones, some cheap versions can't hold even an average dress weight and break easily.