Five  herbs which you can grow in your apartment block


If you can think out of the box, then even a small apartment can be
used to grow some essential herbs!


Whenever you buy a stalk of lemongrass at the local
market, you can choose pick a stem with firm base. Just trim the top
of this herb and place it water but see that you don’t submerge it.
The stalk produces roots and news shoots within few days.


Compared to spearmint and peppermint, this is a relatively
easier option since this herb shares a tendency to grow like a weed.
Simply spread the mint seeds in a small pot filled with soil and keep
it under slight shade and sun.

Curry leaf:

A rich flavored herb with a beautiful aroma, curry leaves
are common in most South Indian homes. You can plant this sapling in a
flower pot and provide support it with a stick for vertical growth.
See that there is enough sunlight and you should water the plant at
least once every day.


There is no need for frequent watering and therefore this
can maintained easily in an apartment. Out of the different varieties
of this herb, you can pick the one which grows upright, that makes it
easier for growth in compact spaces.

Indian Basil (Tulsi):

Most of the Indian homes will have the Indian
basil which doesn’t require much care and also grows well if kept near
the windows. Make sure that the soil remains moist.

- Kalamdhari