- Prathyusha Talluri


Painting flower vases is common, and we think of only floral patterns, mostly. Lets try something new. Winter's arriving too..we can also think of a warm look.

Customize a plain vase by taping off a chevron pattern with painter's tape (it need not be perfect). Spray-paint the exposed area with a lighter shade of the vase color. Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

Boost the style of plain glass vessels by slipping them into something more cozy. Stretch a piece of felted sweater around the vessel, right side in. Pin for a snug fit, then remove and sew it where it was pinned. Cut the excess and turn it inside out. Make use of sweater accents such as button plackets, pockets and sleeves. Or add your own embellishments fashioned from scraps of old wool sweaters.

Add some memories to the clear vases you already have. Make sure the glass is clean inside and out and then, slip some old photographs carefully into the vase. Isn't it a new decorative statement!!