Fitness Mantra Of Bollywood Stars

Many Bollywood heroines are known for their flawless figure and a fit physique. Most of them believe in regular work outs, Yoga and sports activities. There are a number of fitness freaks in the B-Town and their looks play a major role in their survival and sustainability in the industry for a longer run. Here is a list of some of the famous Bollywood actresses and their fitness mantra for all of you !!!

Deepika Padukone :

Deepika has one of the best figures in the film industry. Her fitness mantra is badminton, swimming and dancing.

Kareena Kapoor :
If zero size is a trend among women, then all the credit goes to Kareena Kapoor. Yoga and a complete vegetarian diet is the fitness mantra of Kareena. 

Katrina Kaif :

Katrina has a body that can make any woman feel envious. Katrina is trained in mixed martial arts, parkour, and other fighting techniques. She believes in regular exercises and eating nutritious and healthy food at periodic intervals for a maintaining a fit figure. 


Priyanka Chopra :

Priyanka Chopra is growing younger with age. She is born with great genes that makes her look trim and slender all the time. However, Priyanka's trainer Samir Jaura is making sure that she looks suitable and apt for any given role. Priyanka also works out really hard when required.

Kangana Ranaut :

Kangana Ranaut is an ectomorph which means that she doesn't put on weight easily. However, Kangana eats healthy and does power yoga, kick-boxing and goes to the gym to stay toned. That's her fitness mantra. 


Sonam Kapoor :

The gorgeous Sonam Kapoor's fitness secret includes a mix of Pilates, heavy weight training, intense cardio sessions and a balanced diet.