Simple Anti-Cancer Diet

Cancer is a dreadful disease which no one would imagine encountering. The simple diet format that we are going to share is very important and effective not only to fight the disease but also for normal people to create good resistance power in their bodies. Cancer may occur due to hereditary  factor, pollution, smoking and various other reasons. But one can definitely fight out the disease at it's early stages with proper medicines and a very strict and healthy diet. Our diet includes a lot of plant based food. All Veggies carry medicinal values and the diet patter is as follows !!!

Breakfast : Preferably Oatmeal with fruits and nuts. Most importantly, it should be a whole grain breakfast. 

Lunch : A big plate of veggie salad along with beans and peas makes a healthy lunch. A small quantity of rice or roti with a moderately fried and fat-free curry should be added along with the salad. A piece of boiled fish is also a healthy choice.

Evening Snack :

1. Fruit Salad
2. Freshly cut vegetables topped with pasta sauce
3. Mixture of nuts, dry fruits and corn flakes
4. Green Tea or Tulsi Tea

Dinner : Moderate quantity of rice cooked along with vegetables or Rotis with Steamed vegetable curry. A glass of carrot or beetroot juice after dinner is advisable. Try and avoid heavy food for dinner, especially non-veg.

Dessert : A single square of dark chocolate is the best dessert item on the diet list. Replace pastries and sweets with a single fruit.