As long as the Newborn and the New Mom are in the Hospital it is well, they get all the help. Just a press of a button or a call and the Nurse comes running to help.

The Bed is comfortable, Whenever the Baby cries, the Nurse offers relief by taking the li'l one to the Nursery and Mom and others get to take some rest. Normally, people want to go home from the Hospital environment but after Child birth, every Mom feels she could have stayed few more days, all because of the special kind of help she gets there.

The Baby is now trying to get used to the Home environment. Make sure the home temperature is moderate, not too cold or too hot.

Arrange a comfy place where you can sit and nurse, and also to be able to sleep without troubling your sore tummy. Too cushiony sofas, chairs, beds might not be comfortable for you now. Arrange a bed with firm mattress, and a special cradle for the Baby, inorder that the Baby is sleeping beside you sametime, you both have enough space. Take Vitamins/minerals regularly, nursing is one medium to pump nutrition into the Baby's body.

When Mom is ready to nurse, she should have already ate/drank enough, sit straight, arrange a firm pillow to bring the baby's level up, rest the baby on the pillow, make sure the Baby's tummy is face to face with Mom's tummy. Keep watching that the baby's nose doesnot get pinched, to be able to breathe well.

The Baby and the Mom are hungry every 2.5 hours. Feed the baby everytime he/she is hungry, without setting up a timetable and once sound asleep beyond 3hrs of gap, make sure they are awaken to have milk, even in the midnight.

It is not good for the Mom to start having solid foods until atleast 3 weeks after delivery. Nausea might spring up as the body is not ready to digest normally.

These are not it! We will return with few more valuable tips/ facts on Nursing the right way.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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