Sukhasana Yoga Pose

This is a classic meditative pose which helps straighten the spine. Learn how to do it in this section. Sukhasana can provide the best start to yoga beginners and can also be practiced by those who cannot do siddhasana, padmasana and other difficult postures. You can also use it to attain relaxation between two complex postures.

* Sit down on a flat and smooth surface, preferably the ground.

* Stretch both the legs in front of you.

* Keep your hands on the side, making sure to have the palms resting on the ground. Fingers should be together and point forward.

* First fold the left leg slightly, at the knee, followed by the right leg.

* Now, join the soles of the both the feet and hold the legs at ankle by the hands.

* Moving slowly, start bringing the legs towards yourself. Continue doing so till the time the legs reach under the perineum.

* At this point of time, your knees should remain on the ground, while your body should be erect and your gaze directly in the front.

* Keep your hands on your knees, in gyana mudra (you have to hold the index finger against tip of thumb, having the other three fingers straight).

* Hold the position for 4-5 minutes.

* Now, gradually loosen your legs and come back to the original position.