Sukhasana Yoga Benefits

This yoga pose is frequently used in meditation and breathing practice. It helps you to relax and calm body and mind.The asana helps makes the waist and lower region of a person quite flexible.

* The asana has been found to be very beneficial for strengthening the lumbar region of the body.

* Sukhasana is one of the simplest postures in yoga and can be undertaken by almost anyone, with hardly a few exceptions.

* In case you are stressed out mentally, either from too much work or too monotonous work, practicing Sukhasana will provide you with mental peace and calm.

* Sukhasana is believed to aid tuneful, but controlled stimulation of the erotic processes as well as the creative imagination of a person.

* Indulging in the asana, after you have undergone a stressful and tiring day, will help you get over the exhaustion and make you feel refreshed.

* Practicing Sukhasana will help you achieve a state of composure and harmony, by eliminating all the unnecessary anxiety.

* Throughout the posture, the backbone remains in the ideal position, making the asana beneficial for those who are suffering from back pain.