Fever :

Most kids suffer from fever very often. Now this disease in children might be due to cold, infection, or the development of a number of bugs inside the body. Many parents neglect it and try to go for home remedies in spite of the fact that such diseases might be infectious. But this might prove dangerous and it is better that you immediately call in a paediatrician if they have a fever 100 and above.


Cold :

Along with the baby diapers you will always find a medicine for cough in a house where there are children. This is one of the most common diseases that a child suffers from. In most of the cases it is a kind of viral infection that is accompanied by a running nose and sometimes fever. But coughs of a severe nature along with a high fever might also be an indication of influenza or pneumonia. It may also be a slight indication of your child being asthmatic. They do not fall in the list of highly infectious diseases and there is nothing much to be worried about it.


Rashes :

You cannot always take rashes to be the result of diapers. It might also be an allergy or skin problem. Though not infectious this one of the diseases this is found most commonly among children.


Stomach Problems :

Stomach problems like an upset stomach, constipation, acidity, indigestion etc, are some of the common diseases for a child. Most of these are due to the fact that they are used to eating a lot of things. Children also have a tendency to put anything in their mouth. This leads to infections and hence all the stomach problems. And moreover, if you find such symptoms along with a slight fever then immediately go for a medical consultation.


Diarrhoea :

This happens to be one of the most common diseases that a child suffers from. This can be due to the allergy to certain foods, food intolerance, indigestion or any kind of infection. You have to take certain preventive measures in this case. Keep giving your baby dosage of sugar and salt water to keep them hydrated. But if there is no improvement then you must visit a doctor immediately.