1)Have family meals:

This is effective to increase your child's interest in food as they will be more excited to have food together with all their loved ones. Serve only healthy food to your family and encourage your toddler to follow the same.

2)Follow a timetable:

Even though it is difficult to follow a strict timetable for feeding a toddler in the beginning, it is much recommended doing so. This will help them to take food when they feel hungry and promote a good digestion pattern.

3)Let your child choose:

Instead of forcing them to eat whatever we give, give them a chance to select their favourites sometimes. This will keep them interested in food and allow you to know their choice. Try to give other nutritious food of almost the same appearance and taste.

4)Give healthy balanced diet:

Avoid all unhealthy food items that are difficult to digest. Do not encourage your children to go for fat-filled, fried, sugary or other junk foods. Include more vegetables and fruits in their diets.

5)Re-introduce food:

Just because your toddler refused a particular food doesn't mean that he/she will not like it next time also. Re-introduce the same food after a short time and sometimes that might be their favourite.

6)Encourage homemade food:

This is very important than it seems to be. Do not offer a junk food during an outing as a reward because they will be directed to think that it is better than homely food. Hugs and kisses are more valuable and also calorie-free.

7)Leave them independent:

As your child became a toddler now, allow and ask them to eat by themselves. Give food in colorful un-breakable plates and let them enjoy their food. But remember to supervise them to avoid any choking.

8)Try varieties:

Instead of forcing your toddler to eat a food of your choice, try other varieties. Add colorful food items in their menu. Another idea is to mix-up foods. Mix nutritious food with their favorite ones. It is a difficult, but surely an important task to teach your toddler to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Try these tips and direct your toddler to a healthy future.