1. Keep unhealthy foods out of sight and out of reach of kids. Monitor everything that your kids eat. Don’t give them candies and snacks to keep them quiet or to reward them. When kids are introduced to candies, snacks and other junk at an early age, they tend to adopt this as a habit as they develop a taste for oily and greasy food.

2. Sketch out a diet plan for your kids. This will ensure that you maintain the kids’ daily nutrient requirements. It is good to consult a nutrition expert to guide you.

3. Avoid processed foods. Instead, go for whole grain products. Your dining table should groan under the weight of green leafy vegetables, fruits, juices, nuts and other healthy foods.

4. Substitute snacks with fruits and nuts. Keep them within easy reach so that the kids can munch on them whenever they feel like it.

5. Clean your larder of all unhealthy foods. Don’t hoard on sweets, chocolate, candies etc so that the temptation to eat those is not there.

6. Dictate what the kids should eat and be absolutely clear on it.

7. Make sure that the kids drink plenty of water. For this, you should not bring any cola or soda into the house. Let them have a beverage once in a while but be sure that they don’t substitute their water consumption with sodas.

8. Encourage physical activity. Let them join various sports clubs and let them play as much as they want. This is good not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. You should also limit their access to the computer and TV. This will encourage them to venture out.

9. Needless to say exercise is a must for maintaining a healthy body. Encourage your kids to exercise more often. It is better if you can enroll your kids in children exercise programs.

10. Don’t be too rigid in your endeavor to prevent obesity among kids. Give them a leeway once in a while.

11. Be an example yourself. If you eat healthy then your kids are sure to follow you. Teach them why some foods are good for the body and some bad. Make them understand the value of a healthy body and how it can be gained.