Change Your Mood With A Chocolate !


If you are feeling low, its time for some chocolate readers! All you need to take a you from sad to happy, are a few bites of a chocolate. You must have heard chocolate lovers say that chocolate makes them happy. Well its not only their love for chocolate that makes them say so. It has some truth to it. Researchers threw light on this fact, spreading smiles on many faces.

The Journal of Pharmacological, has supported this by stating that those who take 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate everyday, tend to stay calmer and happier throughout the day when compared to those who do. Chocolate has the potential to manage depression to some extent. A chocolate does exactly what an anti depressant can do to a depressed brain.

The anti depressant has been created to increase the levels of serotonin or keep them for longer. Surprisingly, chocolate does the same thing. Now, you know what to choose when you feel low. A chocolate is much healthier, with milder side effects. Chocolates are known to have a positive effect on women, before and during menstruation. But does the effect of 1.5 ounces of chocolate last for the whole day?

You may be slightly disappointed with what you are going to read further. According to a report published in Journal of Appetite, the effect of chocolate lasts for not more than 3 minutes. This also depends on the kind of chocolates. So whenever you are unhappy take a big bite of a yummy chocolate and change your mood instantly. Who says chocolate is only for kids?

- Kruti Beesam