How to Develop Your Baby Brain

10 tips for parents to establish a baseline brain development of children:

* Relieve stress on parents. Parents who are experiencing stress tend to shift the stress to their children. When you feel stressed, try to tell people close to you.

* When you have to entrust the child, look for high quality daycare.

* Give space for children to interact with peers.

* Give care and a strong affection during pregnancy.

* Give adequate nutrition. The first six months of life, give adequate nutrition with breast milk.

* Talk to your baby. Make eye contact when talking to children. Do not forget to always smile to the child.

* Provide a safe and comfortable environment for children.

* Recommend a variety of music in children, and sing along.

* Give a real interaction with the child for brain development. Do not let children watch television for too long. Limit the time.

* Remember, the brain will never stop growing. So, give the children lots of stimulation continuously.