Canopy Beds for The Princesses


Decorating bedrooms for girls is one interesting part of home design. Girls come as color packages...right from Day 1 of Birth..everything can be colorful, with great patterns and designs..can Boys have this pleasure too ?! no chance ! And thats the reason buying gifts or dresses for girls is easier, with lots of options..similarly decorating their bedrooms can be fun filled. There are so many color options, design choices..mostly ofcourse, will be Pinks and Purples ! Still, we can setup colorful Window curtains , even the furniture can be colorful and stylish. One such are the Canopy beds, to give it a Princess-Royal feel...such is their forever passion for Princesses. 


Got a canopy-four poster bed or not, you can buy a hoola hoop or a circular curtain fixture and setup a canopy easily, just gotta have some carpentry skills or a skilled companion. Buy some long netted fabric or sheer curtains, and hang them from the ceiling height, there it is, that Royal...dreamy Canopy bed !! If you dont want it for a bed, them just create a corner to read books, with few pillows and hang the canopy above...or set up a canopy in the playing zone as a cozy spot....any space or any purpose for the kids, canopy theme is lots of fun...even grown-ups feel like crawling into one cozy canopy and start to read a story book or simply dose off !!



- Prathyusha Talluri