Development of Infants 0-4 Months

To find out if your baby is born in good health, you can read in "The Birth of Healthy Babies". Furthermore, following the development of normal infants from the age of 0-4 months.


* Do not panic if the baby's back or bottom there is a blue skin such as bruising, or grayish. These patches usually disappear after age over 1 year.

* Do not panic too if your baby's head shape is less symmetrical, because he had just gone through the narrow streets, the hip of the mother. His eyes will probably look a little swollen, his nose was very flat and looks a bit weird ears. He will continue to "improve" her appearance really ...

* Even in some infants, you can see the soft at the top of his head throbbed. It still includes normal. In the first few days, the eyes of the child usually will continue to close. After that will be able to keep his eyes open for a longer time. He will be able to see your face at a distance of about 20 cm.

* At this stage the baby can move and rotate his head to look for their mother's milk, can stretch his hand, and holding your finger with his fist.


* At this stage the movements of his body is getting better. He can reach things that attracted him, can hold small objects with his grasp if only briefly, even he could have patted his favorite objects.

* Try smiling at her ... do not be surprised if he smiles back at you. Try also making various sounds in the nearby without surprising him. Some babies will listen to the sound carefully, while others may actually be crying.

* At the end of this stage, most babies have started to lift her head and tried to look around the room.

* If your baby is happy, then he will make a variety of responses, such as looking at your face, trying to grab you with his hands, smiling and babbling.

* Conversely, if he is upset, then the response is made, among others, turned his face away from you, crying, struggling, and breathing rapidly.

* Little has also started to like to explore using his mouth to suck what is and is comfortable to suck. He started a lot of experimenting with his voice, as well as the view distance was increased up to a few meters ahead.

The 3rd month

* Little has been getting stronger lift her head if you lay it in the prone position. Often do not even have to lift his body a bit at this position.

* He became more adept at using his hands. He would love to touch, hold, and flailing with both hands. He also would really like to see his own reflection in the mirror.

* At this stage, your baby will begin to recognize faces of people nearby and various objects that are familiar with it.

The 4th month

* Your baby will observe the variety and imitate your facial expressions. Some babies are already able to roll into the prone position itself at this point. But it would be easier for him to roll over from prone position to a supine position.

* Some babies are already beginning to emerge teeth at this stage, although this is strongly influenced by heredity.

* Thus the outline of your baby's development since the age of 0-4 months. All you need to remember is that every baby has unique developmentally. If your baby is rather slow progress, do not panic ... mostly remained within the limits of reasonableness.