Benefits Of Ardha Sarvangasana

The exercise proves to be beneficial in strengthening the abdomen. It also helps in proper thyroid functioning. Ardha Sarvangasana can be done two times a day - once in the morning and then in the evening. In the following lines, we have mentioned the exact steps needed for performing Ardha Sarvangasana.

* Helps in proper thyroid functioning

* Strengthening of abdomen

* Stretches upper back

* Increases blood circulation

* Encourages relaxation

* Accentuates the flow of blood and energy to the brain

* Stimulates mental functions

* Enhances memory and concentration

* Relieve from some headaches

* Cures dyspepsia, constipation, appendicitis, other gastro-intestinal disorders and varicose-veins

* Supplies large quantity of blood to the spinal roots of the nerves

* Stops loss of hair or premature greying

* Enhances facial complexion

* Helps alleviate rheumatism

* Cures malfunctioning of the sexual organs

* Sublimes emotions of depression and neurasthenia

* Treats problems of insomnia