Middle School Age Children Outside

Older children like to form groups, because they are at the stage where they have established good bonds of friendship. To get the best results of older children means getting them involved in team building exercises. That means performing team based games or sports activities will work really well.

* Due to the higher energy levels that older children possess, the type of activity undertaken should be a little more strenuous. Such examples include cross country cycling, running, orienteering and role playing. If you establish a game that incorporates nature, you can play a more advanced version of hide and seek in which children role play. They can pretend to be a different creature in the food chain and use this to learn about ecology and the environment.

What They Learn

* How to identify why living organisms have to adapt to their environment.

* How to distinguish between different ecosystems.

* Learn how to use tools such as compasses and maps.

* Learn how to identify different organisms