Outdoor Games for Primary School Children

You are planning an outdoor walk it will have to bear other factors in mind, such as toileting needs, meal times and the weather. If you are planning a walk then make it short and use the elements of nature to keep the children occupied.

* For example making a nature trail or treasure hunt for different elements in nature; will make the exercise seem like a fun trip. Younger children also need to be supervised by an adult too.

* Adding excitement and interest to the outdoors can work if there is a trip to a nature park or farm, where the animals can provide that interest. Remember to supervise at all times, so safety is a key point to remember.

This is are children learn in outdoor games

* How to name favourite plants and animals.

* Learn about the environment, such as habitats and ecosystems.

* Learn about changes in the environment and how it affects people.

* Learn about the basic skills for surviving outdoors.

* Understanding how to read maps.