Flower Pot Arrangements for the Garden

Cherishing the beauty of a container garden is a pleasure to the sore eyes of a concrete jungle being ! Flower pots are so valuable to all those who love growing small flowering plants or herbs and veggies in a balcony or a small garden patch leftover from the ever creeping concrete floor. Utilising these small spaces to the fullest is a clever idea, and here are some interesting thoughts put together by some very creative minds on the web...they have brought multiple large and small pots of various kinds and created flowering towers and even wind chimes and figurines for their lovely small gardens.



To create the pot-in a pot look : we need 3-4 pots, all in different sizes with a hole in the center for draining and to insert, a 4 feet long metal or wooden dowel. Place a large 12" or 10" pot at the bottom and fill it with rocks upto 3" at the bottom for strong grounding. Fill the pot with soil and insert a metal or wooden dowel in the center. Now, take the next smaller size pot and insert in along the dowel and place it on the large pot. Now fill this pot with soil and insert the remaining pots in decreasing order of size and place similarly, one above the other. Your pot tower is ready to serve beautiful flowering plants.



To create a zig-zag looking tower: We need a 10" or 12" pot for base, a 4 feet wooden or metal dowel and 3-4 pots of 4" diameter. Take a 10" or 12" pot and fill it with rocks at the bottom for strength and drainage, upto 3" and fill it with soil. Insert the dowel in the center and start to scroll a 4" pot through its center hole along the dowel. Fill it with soil and now insert the next 4" pot along the dowel through its center and place it on the edge of the bottom pot...creating a zig-zag effect, insert the remaining two pots and fill with soil. What are you waiting for....decorate this zig- zag flowering pot art piece with blooming flower plants !!