Eat to Nourish our Liver!


Liver being a life giving organ, foods nourishing it and maintaining it to function
well should be necessary inclusion in our diets

Why should we focus on nourishing it? Because:

∙ It boosts our immune responses against the invading infections

∙ Excreates harmful waste materials via bile and plays an important role in Detoxification ­ by cleansing the blood of drugs, chemicals and alcohol.

∙ The bile juices secreted aids in Fat digestion

∙ It converts excess glucose to starch for storage, which work as reserve banks of energy during starvation

What should we eat, So that we nourish our liver?

∙ The foods that cleanse liver of the toxins are : Beets, Avacado, Cauliflower, Apples, Turmeric Powder, Spinach, Garlic, Green Tea, Broccoli, Carrots, Walnuts, Citrus and Cabbage. Make it a point to include these foods or combinations of these foods in your diets

Eliminate foods high in saturated fats like Meat, cheese, cream, eggs etc.,

Excessive consumption of seeds and nuts, and avoid the use of refrigrated and stored goods for a long time.

Avoid unnecessary popping in of drugs be it be of therapeutic use as it increases the burden on liver

Try getting of the chemicals that seep in with food and water. Opt for organic food if possible, or at the least clean the fruits and vegetables by soaking them in filtered water with grapefruit extract

The foods that back the functioning of liver are : Alfaalfa seeds, Asparagus, Basil, Celery, Cucumber , Fennel, Fermented Foods, Lettuce ,Raddish, Sprouts and Wheatgras. Try including few of these foods and give your liver a sigh of relief!

Take Care!! Stay Healthy!!