PCOS ­ Substerility disease!




PCOS is one the most common endocrine disorder occuring in the reproductive age group of females ranging from 15 to 45 years ! The causes of the polycystic ovarian syndrome are diverse but it is strongly believed that it is a genatic disorder rather than lifestyle disorder!

PCOS is the major culprit for the female subfertility. The most common presentation of
the PCOS, is the cystic ovary but it is not sole manifestation.


The symptoms include :

* The immediate symtoms are ­ Anovulation( the ovaries fail to release an egg during a menstrual cycle) , increased seretion of androgenic harmones and insulin resistance

* Menstrual disturbances are very common manifestation, it includes oligomenorhea, few menstrual periods and amenorrhea, no menstrual periods.

* Anovulation leads to infertility due to lack of relase of oocyte during the menstrual

* Due to the increased androgenic harmones, acne and hirsutism­male pattern of hair growth are the major complications. Hypermenorrhea( heavy and prolonged menstrual periods) and alopecia ( diffuse hair loss and increased hair thinning)

* It also effects metabolically, it tends towards cetral obesity and insulin resistance. PCOS is a disorder of uncertain cause. There is a strong evidence that it is a genetic disease

Irregularity of menstrual periods and obesity are the pre­disposing factors!

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