Telugu Ugadi Mega celebrations in Toronto, Canada

The Telugu community of Greater Toronto Area have celebrated Telugu new year 'Ugadi' with great zeal at Glenforest Secondary School auditorium in Mississauga, Canada. Several hundreds of Telugu families from surrounding cities Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterdown, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Milton and other areas have joined the six hour long program that is packed with music, drama, dance, comedy and many more.

Event started with Socialization and video display of the progress on the new Capital of Andhra Pradesh 'Amaravathi', IT-Hub of Telangana, and recent National Geographic channel's 'inside Tirumala' documentary.  Received remarkable responses from the participants with glow of happiness and sparkles of joy for organizing this event successfully with full of family entertainment and great food.

The venue was decorated with grace and colorful rangoli welcoming the Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto (TCAGT) Guests, Members, Families and Friends. The festival has begun with Canadian National Anthem followed by "Deeparadhana".

Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian, Dentistry in Streetsville, Bharat Batra, Vice President & SBI Branch Head, Hon. R.K. Perindia, Consul-Commercial, Consular, Passport & Visa rom Consulate General of India Toronto, TCAGT founders, executive committee and trustees lit the light the traditional Indian lamp (Deeparadhana).

Telugu Association President Suman Kalasbail delivered the welcome address and thanked Hon. Consul R K Perindia for the help in providing Indian languages books to the Peel Region Telugu students.


Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian, Dentistry in Streetsville delivered festive greetings. Bharat Batra, Vice President & SBI Branch Head informed that the tremendous growth and the new branch expansions in Mississauga and thanked the Telugu community members for the outstanding support in utilizing the SBI offerings  and services.

Hon. R.K. Perindia, Consul-Commercial, Consular, Passport & Visa from Consulate General of India delivered the Ugadi greetings, and educated the Telugu Community with the new updates and Hon. CGI Dinesh Bhatiaji's initiatives to better serve the Indo-Canadian community. Neearj Bhalla, Director, Constituency affairs, Office of the Hon. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development presented the president with the Ugadi greetings and the message from the Hon. Minister. Pandit Sanath Sreerambhatla recited the Panchaga Sravanam. Popular singer Hanishka Polimera presented traditional and film songs, Annamacharya Keerthanalu by Sahasra Penumadu,  Kaavya & Tharani Kannan, Nikil Bottu, Aryahi Bholse, Slokas by Saanvi Sri Pabba, Mrudula Avula, Rohan Sreerambhatla, Ugadi Swagatham Dance by Peel Region Telugu Students Agastya, Kashvi, Krishna Govind, Hanish, Mayuk, Videesha, Rita, Manoj, Sri Ram, Raghav, Madhav, Akshara, Sai Madhav, Veda, Gayathri, Neha & Sridhar, Vaishnavi Bhargavi Song by Devi Shriya  Nagavarapu, Sahithi Yalamanachili, Shree Gullapalli. specail dance performances by Gokul Saisri Ashwin, Saisri Nitin Somu, Kaavya Kannan, Neha Jarabandi, Tollywood Medley by Rishi Chakravarthula, Rithika Chakravarthula, Medha Gedela, Srivatsav Sanka, Avanish Vangala & Tejonidhi Panganamamula, choreographed by Avanthi, Carnatic Music with Mridangam- by Rajalakshmi Raman & Sridhar Poguluru, Instrumental Music (Flute) by Gayathri Vyakaranam & Neha Lavu, Instrumental Keyboard by Sumedh Gadepalli, Govindanamalu Kuchipudi Dance Performance by Trikala Satya Namuduru, Drama Canada lo Telugu Badi & Patam presented by Telugu students Neha Lavu, Gayathri Vyakaranam, Dhruvan Modugula, Baavik Lavu, Rishit Modugula, Satya Yenduri, Praneet Giduturi, Punit Guddeti, Vineeth Guddeti, Sridhar Poguluru, Shreya Poguluru, Cine Starz Tollywood & Bollywood Fusion Group Dance.

Surya Bezawada, Immediate past president and Trustee extended the Ugadi greetings. Brought the attention to the new members and informed the several achievements the TCAGT's twenty years of community service. Stated the unique strength of this association in providing platform to develop several leaders, singers, and artistes. Draw the clear line with other splinter groups versus the history of TCAGT and its amazing capabilities.

He introduced the chief guest of the evening Hon. Anand Kuchibhotla, Chairman-Kuchipudi Natyaramam, Goverment of Andhra Pradesh and innformed the audience the key achievements of the chairman Anand Kuchibhotla; played key role in getting the recognition to the Kuchipudi Dance in the Guinness book of world records, founding president to the Sliconandhra, Instrumental in establishing 'ManaBadi' school to teach Telugu language to the global non resident Telugu resident children and establishing the Telugu University in the United States of America. Anand Kuchibhotla, Chairman-Kuchipudi Natyaramam extended the Ugadi greetings to the Toronto Telugu community. He expressed his happiness and great pleasure to come and interact with the vibrant Toronto Telugu community. He congratulated the founding members, life members, the executive committee and trustees. Acknowledged the invaluable voluntary service in preserving Telugu Language and Culture in Canada. Spoke on value of Telugu Language & Culture, importance and need to promote and preserve it. He introduced the new rapid developments and transformation in Kuchipudi Village with the help and support from non-resident Indians. He requested the participation, support, and help in state of the art Hospital that is going to be built in Kuchipudi, the Telugu heritage village. He invited the Toronto Telugu community to visit the echo friendly village equipped with the cutting edge technologies procured from worldwide.


Founding members, Executive office bearers, Trustees, and the platinum sponsors felicitated Chairman Anand Kuchibhotla with as shawl and a TCAGT memento. Telugu teachers from ManaBadi and the Peel Region School Board International Languages program were also recognised for their services and they were presented with TCAGT mementoes.

SiliconAndhra Jayaho Kuchipudi Canada coordinator Sudha Vemuri joined chairman Anand Kuchibhotla garu in the felicitation of the donors from Toronto Sridhar and Madhu Mundluru, Geetha and Gurunath Desue, Surya and Anitha Bezawada. Their generosity and financial assistance helped in the building of the village Swaccha Kuchipudi. Priaya Polavarapu, Gopala Krishna Renduchinthala,Maithri Chowdhary, Srinivas Gadepalli, Manohar Pamula, Anitha Bezawada, Vishal, Madhav, Mohan Amarthaluru, Sridhar Nagavarapu, Mohan Bottu, Kalyani, Bala Dakka, Uttaresham, Uma Saladi, Rao Vajha, Bose Vemuri, Koti Avari, Rao Komaravolu, Murali Lolla were also present. Media coverage by Asian television network (ATN), Sunshine Telugu TV, video coverage provided by Gerard, photography services by Bashir Nasir of Nasir Studi, audio services by Pathmarajan Thiru and Authentic and traditional delicious food freshly cooked and served by Shiri Madireddy-Shiri's Kitchen. Several cultural programs performed by Telugu people attracted the audience.


The audience enjoyed the  dances choreographed by  professionals  enthralled all the ages of the community members.

Platinum sponsors of the event are Rao Vajha, Century 21, Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian, Dentistry in Streetsville and Bharat Batra, Vice President & SBI Branch Head Mississauga. All acknowledged the executive committee, and the vibrant Telugu Community for the continuous preserving, promoting Telugu language and culture for the past twenty eight years. Treasurer Devi Chowdhary provided vote of thanks and TCAGT event ended with chanting Indian National Anthem.   Indeed, the event has brought fun, excitement and high performance with a great success.

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