How to Look Slim In Indian Clothing



Dressing is very effective way in imparting slimmer look without going on a diet.Every woman wants to look beautiful and hence wants to buy the clothes which these models are donning.

They have become very smart and know all the tricks how and which clothing can make them look slim.

Most of the time women reject sexy clothes because they think that these clothes will make them look plump.Women have also understood this fact perfectly.

Indian clothing make a women look more slimmer and taller than as compared to any western wear.

The different cuts and styles effects the overall look of the person. One has to be quite conscious about the styles and clothes one wears.



Remember all styles are not for everyone.

* Firstly try to figure out which of the Indian clothes suits your body type perfectly.

* If you have large hips and thighs then try to select the clothes which can camouflage them.

* If you want to look slim then try to avoid frills.

* Selecting right color is an art and you should try to select the one which looks good on you.

* Select the Indian Kurtis which are not body fitted but slightly loose. The length of you Kurtis should be such that it covers your hips.

* You can also opt for full Indian dress but entire dress should be in same color as this can make you look tall.

* Select the dresses with small prints and avoid large printed stuff.

* If you want to wear saree than select the one with crepe material or fine silk and try to avoid chiffon and bulky silk material.

* Along with saree select the proper fitted blouse.

* If you like striped dresses then go for vertical strips as they can make you look slimmer and try to avoid horizontal striped dresses.

* Prefer dresses with finer checks and smaller dots on them.

* Along with dresses you can experiment with different hair styles which can make you look beautiful.

* Wear comfortable high heeled shoes which can make you look taller.