Standing Forward Bend Yoga

Standing Forward Bend Yoga workout is a good way to start your yoga session. As it helps to stretch the muscles and warm up in preparation for the Sun Salutation Vinyasa and benefits.

Instructions Standing Forward Bend Yoga

* Bring the feet together, big toes together

* Bend the knees, draw the abs in, and fold forward from your hips

* Bent the knees as much as you need until your chest rests on thighs

* Hands on the floor outside of the feet

* Lift and widen the sit bones

* Fold and deepen over hips

* Shoulders are lifted away from ears but soften the shoulder blades down into your back

* Let the head hangs and release the back of your neck.

* Bend the knees

* Forearms or hands on thighs.

* Hands clasp behind legs or hold opposite elbows.

* Wide leg forward fold

* Gorilla Pose.

Benefits of Standing Forward Bend Yoga

* Stretching your hips, calves, and hamstrings

* Strengthening your knees and thighs

* Improving digestion system,

* Helping to cure insomnia, headache, osteoporosis, asthma, high blood pressure

* Relaxing the mind.