Magnificent Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not so invited by many of us onto the dinner table...due to their smell or the shape or the general feeling that they grow in an unhygienic environment...but that is not the truth. Mushrooms have rich vitamins and minerals and offer nutrition to human bodies in various ways. There are various recipes to make you start loving mushrooms for good.

Mushrooms are amazing vitamin D carriers. They have also been used for centuries in The Far East to treat Arthritis, Allergies, others serious ailments and Bronchitis too. Mushrooms can boost ones immune system, many University studies have published journals on this matter too. One Mushroom type called KOMBUCHA is popular worldwide for its anti-aging effects while improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles. REISHI mushrooms have similar properties such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Selenium is a trace mineral in these mushrooms that serves as an important antioxidant with excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. SHITAKE mushrooms can fight cancer cells in humans as well as mice. Even this variety contains Selenium, studies have shown that it might play a role inpreventing cancer, although more research is necessary. Selenium plays an important role in regulating Thyroid function. Rich in protein, lipids, vitamins and amino acids, Shitakes present tangible benefits for our skin through their anti-inflammatory features, and enhance immune system.

Mushrooms are not just a topping option for Pizzas or for picking off from Salads to trash away....these seem to beas valuabel as gold for

Prathyusha Talluri