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(Friendship Day Special)


From last two days, both print and electronic media are bombarding with ads on celebrating “Friendship Day”; creative ways of celebrating this occasion like buying lunch/ dinner, gifts and clothing etc. But is this what is called celebrating friendship?

I don't think so; rather, friendship day is one special day comes once in a year to pause for a while in this busy schedules and give a thought on what friendship and friends are all about. Every one will have so many friends in this journey called life, however varies in number. But in major cases, life starts with many friends as one will have so many in childhood and slowly by the end of schooling we will remain with few friends who are in line with our thought process or people whose choices, are likes and dislikes same like ours. Once, we grow up, we start categorising our friends like close friends, known friends and just familiar persons. Though our friends change through out this journey, one thing is very constant here; i.e.we make friends who have similar taste like us or people who think same like us.

Friendship differs with gender where as men will be able to continue with old friendships; some how, for women, this above equation suddenly changes when they have the knot tied. Few relocate to husband's place, few move to in laws house. Suddenly whole life changes with new role and responsibilities and so as friends circle.Though women try to stay in touch with old group, there will be so many constraints; few still try to manage to connect with old friends but majority of women have to forego their friends in the transition phase of life. This very simple change can put women under tremendous pressure and can also create lot of insecurities about life. To avoid, this stage, “being organised is the only way” say experts. According to them, people who lead life in a systematic way will always have clarity in every thing. And women who have efficiency in multi tasking, will be able to manage different groups of people in life. Once this happen, then you will not have to choose one between friends and family but you will learn to balance both successfully.

There are few more scenarios like, you make new friends when you are growing in life. Your colleagues or neighbours may become your friends in due course of time. This is the time where each one has to respect their relationship and space. When friendship blossoms among matured minds, we have to be more matured to construct this beautiful bond which is long lasting. Never ever take people for granted. Not you be available to others to do so.

Even when you take utmost care in friendship, sometimes you end up with few misunderstandings. But never go personal, even when you argue on issues, make it subjective. When you practice this , it takes no time to patch up. Leave no space for EGO. If you are right or wrong accept it and explain to other person why you are taking that stand. Sometimes, when you can't make the other person understand your point, don't blame the person or your choice of friends. But stay calm for a while and leave space for others. This matured act of your will surely make your friends hook to you. If not, still never find fault with any.. Remember, we meet many people in this beautiful journey called life, few travel along with us till the end and few get down when their destination is different from ours. Keep moving and spreading smiles is the only thing we have to do all the time.

Happy friendship day!!

Note: Silence kills any form of relationship including Friendship, so learn to communicate.

- Bhavana

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