Fitness-day1 of the new fitness regime

Usually, we all are used to drinking a cup of coffee, or tea, or just simply milk as our first food in the morning. Breakfast is definitely important. Fitness with Detoxification goes well, hand in hand. For years, we have consumed foods with pesticides and chemicals, all those have toxic affect on our body. A cup of warm water with a small fresh lemon squeezed does wonders to detoxify the human body. If you like, you can add few drops of honey. Let this be the first drink of the day, everyday!

After the warm lemon water, give a break for 30mins and start with breathing and just a few warm up exercises. The web provides numerous exercises suitable for every health condition. Warm up exercises are the ones we all learnt at school. Followup with actual exercises, depending on your requirement, some are for toning, some for muscle buildup, some for strength and stamina, etc.,Some of us have back, neck, knee problems...carefully choosing the right kind of exercise is also important. Start your initial workout session, Day1 with only 15mins of exercising. Gradually, increase the timing at an interval of 5 days-1week. You will feel hungry now. Have a glass of fatfree milk or a heavy healthy breakfast.

The rest of the day is in your hands, but make sure you drink 8 palm length glasses of water through the day. Keep a watch and dont consume oily foods. If you have done most of the jobs i mentioned, count this as Day 1 of your new regime. Rest follows!!