Fitness Failures

Fitness Myths and Failures occur often to many of us. Be it due to not having a proper understanding of why fitness is necessary, positive impact of different exercises, side effects of exercising wrongly, the value of eating right for a fit body..etc. many of us want to start a fitness plan without a Fitness Guru, by just getting motivated by a friend's regime or after we watch a fitness program on TV. Usually, people get discouraged by their own looks compared to others and then one fine day, suddenly they want to exercise rigorously to tone their bulgy tummy and look better than a friend. Whatever the reason of motivation is, it is always good to understand and analyse ones need of particular exercise moves instead of choosing the wrong ones and suffering from exercising wrongly.

The initial few days after starting a fitness plan, ones body feels sore, but as days go by, there would be only feeling good than feeling sore. Most of the aspirants tend to leave the whole idea of exercising for fitness within the first few days due to the soreness of the body...they expect instant feel good factor, which is difficult to achieve...after all the body is new to exercising, or it also happens when one has started exercising after a long break. There is nothing like a bad day for workout, except for a few delicate days in the life of a woman. Even during those days, we can just do up simple neck, hand and wrist moves. A persistant motivation is what is necessary. Maintaining a good, balanced diet is also important to achieve the required fitness, which doesnot happen so quickly when we continue to eat wrong during the fitness regime. All these wrong methods of following a plan, create a failed fitness plan. Fitness Gurus suggest, one has a positive and a flexible mind set to mould the body to the desired fitness level.