Enzymes and Digestion in Children


Eating right and healthy is definitely important but its not a independent activity...only if that healthy food is digested right, will that food be utilized better by the body and help in a healthy life. Poor digestion is another reason people often need nutritional supplements as the body is not extracting all nutrients from the food one eats. Poor Digestion in children is one main and frequent topic discussed between Parents and Doctors. 

One reason for poor digestion is a lack of enzymes in the diet. Enzymes are essential to the digestion, assimilation, and absorption of food, and there are several steps parents can take to help ensure your child has enough enzymes for normal digestion:
Avoid highly processed foods that are void of enzymes, deep fried foods are among them. 
Consume more fruits and raw or slightly steamed vegetables that are loaded with enzymes. 
Make sure the child chews the food properly, allowing salivary enzymes to help break down the food. 
Don't encourage the habit of watching TV while eating any meal, the mind doesnot register that activity as healthy eating. 
Don't cook food at high temperatures, like deep frying, it destroys the enzymes in the food.

Don't allow the child to consume excessive amounts of fluids like water, juice, milk with meals, which washes out the enzymes