Child's weight worries


Days of strange food habits have already arrived, Most parents are worried about their Child's weight. Most of the Children are following the wrong eating habits, either they are eating too much junk food or eating very less. 

Here are few questions every worried parent should ask the Pediatrician:

What is the healthy weight as per my child's height? The Doctor will measure and compare the height and weight and also be able to tell you the child's BMI (Body mass index). 

Is the child's current weight putting him or her at risk of any illnesses?

Does my child need to go on diet, atall?Some children who are obese need to start the diet program at a young age. 

How much exercise does my child need per day? 

How should i talk about this problem to my child without hurting his or her feelings? 
This is a very sensitive matter to discuss with a child, especially. Instead of saying "you are over-weight", "The Doctor said you need to eat less" and embarrasing the child, you can say "As a family, we need to make better eating choices for our health" and even the parents should start a healthy diet program so that the child doesnot feel strange or wrongly treated by offering not-so-tasty food. If the child has siblings, let them not make fun of this child.