"My Daughter doesnot like the new Teacher and wants to quit going to School. What do i do? "

This can be tricky. You want to be sympathetic to your daughter's expereince, but you dont want to convey that she can quit going to school. How many days will she sit at home?!

First, sit down and listen to her concerns, which can be 'not liking the classroom as much as last year' or that 'the Teacher is being rude'.

Then, it's key to meet with the teacher to try to explore the issue. Start by saying, "I would like to get better understanding of how my daughter responds to the lessons--whats going well and what may not be going so well." Often these situations are due to small miscommunications that snowball, so its a good thing to meet the teacher, discuss and then be able to resolve the conflict altogether.

If not, seek the Principal, who can mediate between you and the teacher. If there is still no improvement after a group meeting, its best to consider a transfer to another section---but this should be an option only when other alternatives dont work out.

Resolving the issue is so very important, we dont want the child to be depressed and cry everyday not wanting to go to school. Arranging a happy environment at school helps nourish the child's early education and gives so much relief to the parents.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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