Baby Massage Tips


A foot bath is a wonderful way to pamper the expecting mom at her baby shower, and allow her to rest her tired, achy feet.

Here are some tips you can follow.

1. Fill a basin full of comfortably warm water and gentle soap. Allow her to soak her feet for a few minutes.

2. Add foot salts to relieve any aches in her feet and legs.

3. Sprinkle the water with flower petals or herbs. For example: rose petals, lavender buds, mint, lemon balm or calendula buds.

4. Remove one foot from the basin while the other still soaks and trim her toe nails. Put that foot back in and proceed with the other foot.

5. Now it's time to exfoliate. One foot at a time, gently scrub with pumice stone to remove tough and calloused areas on the feet and toes.

6. Dry each foot with cornmeal, a symbol of fertility, luck and protection, or dry with a towel.

Please note: Lavender and Rose are generally considered safe for a woman in her third trimester. However, if the mom-to-be is suffering any complications or you wish to use any of the above mentioned herbs, it's best to consult their use with her doctor.