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Holding a baby is good
Holding your baby closer gives them comfort. They feel warm and lovable. They usually cry, thinking that nobody is around. When the time they cry, hold them closer.

Don't use baby wipes
Baby wipes are expensive and, for some sensitive bums, they can hurt. Usually people will not believe this, but a 100 percent breastfed baby doesn't need baby wipes. Not at all. Breastfed baby feces are low in acid and bacteria, watery and wipe off easily.

Avoid excess soap use
Instead of soap you can sometimes use a mixture of gram flour (senaga pindi) and milk to bathe the baby. To massage the baby you could use a mixture of gram flour and cream with a pinch of turmeric. Apply the mixture on the baby's body and gently rub it off.

No water or glucose for new born
A newborn should not be given any prelactal feed, be it honey, water or glucose water. The baby doesn't need anything at that time apart from the colostrum.