Benefits of Ragi for Children

Packed with so many nutrients, ragi is absolutely very beneficial for consumption by everyone, especially children.

Ragi-based foods are easy to digest because of the high fiber content. In their growing years, kids need optimum amounts of protein, iron, calcium and minerals for their bodies to develop healthily. Ragi gives all of these and much more.

* Ragi is the most useful for children during their teething years because of its high content of calcium and amino acid threonine.

* Regular consumption of ragi boosts immunity in children and lowers the levels of harmful cholesterol.

* Ragi improves bone structure and health.

* The amino acid tryptophan found in ragi keeps children mentally agile, and helps to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression. It also induces peaceful slumber in kids who have difficulty sleeping at night.

* The iron in ragi aids in blood formation.

* Ragi induces release of growth hormones in children.

* Amino acid methionine keeps the skin and hair healthy.

* Ragi helps control blood sugar in obese children.