TANA Board of Directors met in Dallas/Fort Worth on Oct. 17th -18th and discussed several organizational future projects. The Board of Directors includes the members of the Executive Committee, Board of Trustees and the Foundation. TANA paid condolences to the families of people who lost their lives due to recent AP floods. TANA was the first organization to help out the needy by providing blankets and food items in Mahabub Nagar and Kurnool districts. TANA is still raising funds  and planning to come up with long term projects to help the flood victims.

On the eve of the first anniversary of the TEAM Square (TANA Emergency Assistance Management Team), the Board of Directors reviewed its functioning. In this short span of time, TEAM Square volunteers helped more than 25 Telugu families involved in various emergencies including deaths, fire and other accidents. TEAM Square raised over $150,000 and logged several hundreds of volunteer hours to help in these situations. The Board expressed its appreciation to the TEAM Square volunteers and revised some of the policies after reviewing the lessons learned from the experience.


Jayaram Komati, TANA President, announced that TANA is taking up several new initiatives consistent with its mission of helping the social, cultural and educational needs of the Telugu community in North America. Dr. Chowdary Jampala, TANA Trustee and Chairman, TANA Publications Committee, is leading a project, Telugu for Everyone, to make available Telugu learning resources including workbooks and multi-media tools to Telugu families and local Telugu organizations to help propagate the Telugu language and culture among Telugu children and youth.

Also, TANA is creating a “TANA Physicians Network” with doctors from all specialized areas like Cardiology, Gynecology, and Oncology etc., to assist and advice people in emergency medical situations at Free of cost. This service will help NRI Telugu people immensely to get some immediate medical help. Since hundreds of Physicians are already TANA members and they are willing to provide needed medical consuling at a Free of cost to the needy Telugu people in USA especially to students, visitors coming from India and the professionals who have no insurance due to recent job loss and economic conditions.

Dr. Mani Akkineni, TANA Trustee, and Dr. Sagar Gummadi, TANA Medical Services Committee Chair are coordinating this Network. The TANA Board of Directors attended the Telugu Association of North Texas (TANTEX) Diwali program in Dallas on Saturday evening. TANTEX President Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati felicitated TANA President and introduced TANA Board of Directors to the packed audience. TANTEX has decided to cohost the 19th TANA Conference to be held in Dallas at the Dallas Convention Center from July 4th-6th in Jul2013.

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