TANA Felicitation Dinner in Dallas Texas

In a scenic ranch setting in North Dallas , more than two hundred Telugu families gathered to felicitate President elect Mr. Prasad Thotakura, Mr. Ram Yalamanchili and Smt.Manjulatha Kanneganti. This felicitation gathering was organized and co-hosted by Mr.Mullapudi Rama Rao and Mr.Rajesh Veerapaneni, long time supporters of TANA to celebrate the victory of Ram Yalamanchili and other TANA elected officials from the DFW metroplex.

Mr. Prasad Thotakura who is taking charge as President during the18th TANA conference next month was felicitated by TANTEX President Mr.NMS Reddy , Mr.Ramarao Mullapudi, Mrs. Kalyani Mullapudi and Mrs. Jyothi Veerapaneni. Mr. Ram Yalamanchil who won the recent elections with a huge majority will be taking charge as Secretary next month. Mr.Prakasa rao Velagapudi ,Mr.Ramana Kovelamudi, Mr.Pratap Yalamanchili and Mrs.Sarada Kovelamudi felicitated Mr.Ram Yalamanchili.

Mrs. Manjulatha kanneganti who was unanimously elected as Southwest Regional Director.was felicitated by TANTEX - President Elect Mrs.Geetha Dammanna, Mrs.Vasudha Yalamanchili, Mr. Srinivas Koneru & Mr. Rambabu Tummala. TANA Ex- President Mr.Gorrepati Navaneetha Krishna, Mr.Venkat Reddy, Mr.Prakasa Rao Velagapudi, Mr.Puligandla Viswanatham and Mr. Daggubati Ratnakumar spoke at the felicitation cermony and expressed their views. Regional Director for South West Region Mr. Murali Vennam congratulated the winners and reiterated all the great service TANA is doing for Telugu people. Many of the speakers and friends at the gathering requested Mr. Ram Yalamanchili to contest as TANA President in the next elections and expressed their support for his future Presidency.

Mr.Prasad Thotakura reiterated TANA's focus on serving the Telugu community with various service programs and the importance of unity among the Telugu people. He requested the entire Telugu community to step forward to participate in TANA and other social activities. Mr.Ram Yalamanchili thanked all his supporters & campaign team who helped to elect him as secretary with a good majority. He reiterated the need for more participation in TANA activities from the Telugu community and thanked all the supporters who drove more than 50-75 miles to congratulate the TANA team and for extending their unwavering support for TANA activities. He also hoped to see more youth take active part in all TANA activities and services. Smt.Manjulatha Kanneganti thanked everyone for unanimously electing her as South West Regional Director and expressed her wish to see more women participation in TANA leadership.

Mr. Prasad Thotakura, Mr.Ram Yalamanchili & Smt Manjula Kanneganti along with the invitees thanked Mr Rama Rao Mullapudi, Mrs.Kalyani Mullapudi, Mr.Rajesh Veerapaneni & Mrs.Jyothi Veerapaneni for organizing the felicitation dinner. All the attendees enjoyed good food, arrangements and scenic beauty of the venue. Special Thanks was extended by the hosts to Mr.Rajendra Narayandas for the media coverage.

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