More than 20,000 less fortunate people in Andhra Pradesh are having a better life due to the sponsorship of almost 400 Eye camps conducted in various parts of the state. 12 hospitals across different regions of the state are associated with this project and have been conducting camps regularly. School screenings have been conducted and approximately 5000 children were given free eye glasses.

We have submitted our project details to Yahoo Employee Foundation with the help of a Yahoo employee Raj Vemulapalli and they have granted their almost maximum amount of US$38000 for the project. This was possible due to constant follow up and dedication to the project shown by Raj. We thank him for getting us this grant.

Operation Envision reimburses part of the expenses incurred by the hospitals to conduct these camps. Rs.400 per surgery is given as a donation to the hospitals who conduct these eye camps. District Blindness Control Society will give Rs.750 per surgery to the hospital. With a combination of these amounts a hospital is able to transform the life of a person suffering from Cataract. Patients who do not require a surgery are given a prescription for medication. Project has been strengthened by three more volunteers Ms.Sucheta Nallamothu, Raghu Gajjala and Srinivas Gogineni. Raghu Gajjala’s joining the project has enabled us to organize camps in Anantpur and Cuddapah districts. 5 camps have been conducted in these areas under most difficult circumstances. Ms Sucheta Nallamothu has been handling the camps to be organized in Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore districts. Srinivas Gogineni our newest volunteer will be organizing camps in Krishna and Godavari districts. Sankara Eye Hospital, Guntur has been conducting huge eye camps across Guntur district and is being very effective in controlling the preventable blindness. Every camp conducted for TANA Foundation by this hospital attracts hundreds of less fortunate and get benefitted in the process of living a better life with better vision. This hospital was doing one camp per month for TANA Foundation. With the inauguration of a second wing, they will be doing two camps per month for TANA donors.

Lions Eye Hospital of Karimnagar was given a donation for buying a Microscope which was most required by them. CSR Lions Eye Hospital of Nandigama was donated with a 22 seated Ambulance and two air conditioners for their operation theatre. We are hoping that this hospital will be able to do more effective camps with addition of the much needed ambulance.

Rotary Eye Hospital, Vuyyuru which was established in 1985 has gained recognition and was given a license to train young Doctors in Ophthalmology. This hospital is ready to train New Ophthalmic Surgeons from the US and invites anyone interested to come to Vuyyuru and get trained. There can be no better opportunity for Doctors in Ophthalmology in this country to get trained better. Rotary Eye Hospital, Vuyyuru had established a old age home in association with TANA Foundation.

Dr Ranga Reddy Lions Eye Hospital in Secunderabad has been very cooperative in conducting eye camps going far off distances in Telangana region. Their current set up is overstretched with the amount of work they are doing in preventing blindness. A new hospital will be coming up shortly near Shamshabad as they gained recognition by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh and was given 3 acres of land for the purpose.

All it requires to sponsor a eyecamp is for you to fill a sponsorship form and a check for $600. For effectively handling the camp we also request the sponsor to identify a contact person in the village of sponsorship to help with organizing the camp. There will be expenses to the tune of $100 for advertizing, shamiana, chairs etc. Operation Envision volunteers will work with the nearest hospital to conduct the camp in the village of choice. Operation Envision has been successful in conducting eye camps with the help of sponsors across the United States of America. We wish that more and more donors come forward in helping with this great cause.

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