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Liver is nothing but a processing machine that removes the toxins from your body and protects the nutrients that are helpful for us. It’s often considered as most vital part even than heart. However, we always try to tease and test our liver with our ugly habits. Our fast foods, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking would all create havoc inside the liver. The Liver would then start developing problems such as Fatty liver and Liver Cirrhosis. However here is some good news... Liver is such rare organ which can cure by itself if you give enough support. Here are some foods that would help liver to cleanse itself...


Leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are expected to work wonders for the liver. Leafy vegetables contain all the essential vitamins such as A, B, C and K. Besides they are high in minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium. And here is much better news for the liver. Leafy Vegetables contain Chlorophyll that helps a lot to purify the blood and make the work of liver much easier.



Garlic is often termed as miracle drug that’s present in every Indian kitchen. Have you ever wondered why it smells so strong? The Sulphur present in Garlic is the answer! Obviously the same Sulphur is capable of activating liver enzymes. A mineral present in Garlic called selenium also works as natural detoxifying mineral.



Ever thought why Tomatoes are red? That’s because of a bright red chemical called lycopene. A research has proved that Lycopene is useful in detoxifying liver. It is also believed that Lycopene could even cure the liver cancer. However all the red vegetable doesn’t have the chemical! Only a few such as Tomatoes, red carrots and papaya contains them.



You might be surprised to find this innocent looking vegetable on the list. But nutritionists assure us that Cabbage is one of the great foods available to us. The Phytonutrients present in cabbage would help the body to remove the toxic chemicals including pesticides and drugs. Even Cauliflower and Radish would have the same effect on our body.



Turmeric is considered as one of the most powerful drug in Indian medicine. Try adding a bit of pure turmeric to your dishes to get your liver detoxified. Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties that would help in Liver Cirrhosis. It also reduces the accumulation of cholesterol in liver.

Other foods such as beetroot, citrus fruits, apples, millets... would also help in detoxifying the liver. Just try them folks.

- Nirjara.

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