Parenting shy kids

Shyness in children is not a negative quality. It just depends on you how to handle it. There are number of children who are shy but self dependent & very positive. So, you need not to worry... just start work on your child with some given tips to how to help a shy kid.

Understanding the nature of your child's shyness will help you develop a program geared towards your child's specific needs.

  • Is your child shy in groups?

  • At parties? Meeting new people?

  • In novel situations? Or, pretty much everywhere?

  • Does your child have trouble eating in public?

  • Playing with other children? Making phone calls?

  • is your child only shy when s/he has to make a presentation in front of the class at school? Knowing the nature of you child's shyness will help you identify the specific skills your child needs to be more at ease in social situations.

Before keep in your mind that don't ever reveal in front your kid that he/she is very shy, don't ever discuss all these in front of your kid. And never ever force them to do things rather try to convince them politely. They will understand gradually what you want them to do.

What can be done to help kids to overcome shyness?


  • Make a list of the kinds of things you would like your child to feel comfortable doing such as talking with other children, asking for help from store clerks, making phone calls, etc and make a point of doing these things in front of your child as well.

  • You must understand that you are blessed with a sensitive, deeply caring & reserved child who is slow to warm up to strangers, approaches social relationships cautiously, but seems to be a happy person. Just hug your quiet child & try to understand the fact that the world will be a gentler place because of him or her.

  • Never compare your shy child with other children in a negative way. And never allow anyone else to hurt your child in this way.

  • Take your child's ideas seriously. By lessening the importance of a child's concerns you lessen the child.

  • Enroll your child in some social skills classes and let your children bring back the things they learn from class and share them with family and friends. Let them practice their new found handshake, conversation and introduction skills with friends and family.

  • Positive self talk- Teach your child to say good things about themselves .The more they repeat the positive statements to themselves the quicker they will start to believe.

  • Do not allow a shy child to spend too much time alone- Since shy children feel uncomfortable around people they may avoid contact and isolate themselves. Parents need to encourage activities with others and praise their children when they attempt to be sociable.

  • Do not speak for the shy child- If the parent is always answering for the child they may reinforce the shy behavior, shy children need to be encouraged to speak for themselves.

  • Find hobbies or activities that your child can excel at- If a child feels like they can do something really well it will help to boost their self- confidence, but never force your child to do an activity they are not really interested in.

  • Seek qualified professional help if necessary.