Indian Baby Care Tips

There are various methods that one uses to ensure good health of a child. Given below are the Tips for baby’s good health care.

* Make sure that Baby wearing clothes are Dry & deeply cleaned (with Dettol water).

* Change nappy or clothes as soon as it gets wet or on Regular basis.

* Ensure that the baby’s nails do not grow too long, cut them on regular basis.

* Baby massage has been a tradition in Indian society. It is believed that regular massage helps to weight gain, improves body movement and strength of baby.

* Before you take your baby for bath, get everything that you need at one place like baby soap, towel, hair oil, powder etc.

* Never leave your baby alone in water.

* Use only gentle baby soap.

* A soft towel or soft cloth should be used to dry your baby.

* Bath for a newborn baby is not required on daily basis as their skin is very delicate, Sponge bath is more suitable for a baby.

* Be very gentle while bathing your baby.

* Your baby could suffer from various skin problems if you do not provide proper protection to the baby skin. Use products that are especially for soft and sensitive baby skin.

* Apply soft and gentle soap and shampoos which does not contains hard chemicals & use only branded products. Baby’s skin absorbs lotion easily so avoid strong moisturizers. According to season we should use body lotion (mild) cream for baby skin.