If your toddler has transformed into a picky eater, its probably a stage every child goes through, nothing to worry too much about nutrition unless the child is loosing weight or has medical problems.

Toddlers learn to have opinions, enjoy the decision making ability by starting to reject foods. Turn the table by offering 2 options of only healthy foods, let them select. e.g.,carrots or apples.

Toddlers learn to have control on the situation. they want to see your expressions, feeling after they reject things. Maintaining an expressionless face is the trick parents should follow.

They experience peer pressure. If they become friends with another picky eater, or with a child who eats more junk food, that friend might tease your child for eating boring, healthy stuff. Your child ends up not eating that boring food to escape from the teasing. Introduce them to healthy eaters and things will get better.

Its important you let your child know that you are not against the Treats or Sweets. but let them know there is a time for such special, fun food.

If there are 2 or more children at home, the elder ones' eating habits influence the younger's too. Their better and healthy food habits help you to have a healthier younger one at home.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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