While talking to your baby, always look at its eyes. In this way, you can keep the baby’s attention and at the same time, you can understand how the baby reacts to you. The baby should see your mouth moving and also notice your expressions.


Call the baby by its name and talk to it, while holding its hands or legs or simply while cuddling it. The baby should see and feel the warmth that you are providing it with.


Use simple words and keep note of the baby’s reaction to different words and sounds. Take special care of your tone and say the words slowly so that the baby can catch it.


Use special expressions and gestures to follow your words. The baby will connect the words with the gestures.


When doing various tasks around the house, talk to the baby on what you are doing. Also, ask little questions to the baby in a playful manner. This will help the baby make sense of the things around it.


Sing or read nursery rhymes to the baby, so that it becomes more familiar with your tone and voice.


Watch out for the expressions of the baby. If it smiles, then it means that the baby loves the tone and you can go on.


Say some special words and phrases more often. Also, use the same tone when repeating those words again so that the baby can relate to them instantly.


Describe all your actions to the baby. For example, if you are going to feed the baby, then say to the baby that you are going to feed it. In time, the baby will associate those words with the task that follows.


Talk gibberish as it is easier for the baby to make out the sounds. Repeat the words that the baby utters and encourage the baby to say the words. Always choose to say those things that the baby sees around itself.


Even babbling with the baby is an effective way of talking to it. Make sure that you always respond to the baby’s talk and gibberish.