Noise :

Babies are very sensitive and even a slightest of disturbance or noise can wake them up from their sleep. Babies get restless and stressed if their sleep cycle is hampered. It is better to shut down all the disturbing noise when a baby is sleeping. Make your baby’s room sound-proof; so that nothing can spoil his/her sleep. A simple way do that is to shut all the doors and windows.

Time :

Your baby may sleep at any time. However, it is always helpful to have a fixed time schedule for the baby. Keeping the time of baby’s sleep fixed will help the babies to get in a routine and once they are in a routine, it will become easier for you to plan out other works for the day. Nevertheless, there may be days when your baby refuses to sleep till he/she is too tired.

Bedding :

Babies are not prone to changes and they love to stick to their routine. Any change in the discipline around them may make them unhappy. Similarly, the bedding on which a baby sleeps should also be maintained same. Try to have similar kind of bedding for the baby. This will make them comfortable and sleep peacefully.

Touch :

It is nice to comfort the baby, sleep with them, and stroke them to make them go to sleep. However, do not make it a habit. If you make it a routine, the baby will expect the same routine by the same person every day, and if that will not happen it may lead to restlessness affecting his/her sleep. Babies tend to get dependent on one person (usually the mother) and feel protected, and always want the same person around while sleeping.

Lights :

This is again about habit or routine. Some babies may get used to sleeping in dark, while for some any condition is just fine for sleeping. Try to minimize the use of lights when a baby is sleeping.