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Fall Colors in US


Fall Colors in US


- Kanakadurga

  “Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground.” ― Andrea Gibson

 As the summer ends the weather slowly in US becomes very pleasant especially in the North East of America. At the end of September the temperatures slowly start dropping. In the summers the temperatures go up to as high as 120 degrees in many places. As September enters it stays mostly in the 80’s to 70 degrees which makes the weather very pleasant. During this time there are some kinds of flowers that bloom like different colors of Azaleas flowers. These flowers bloom 3 times throughout the year- from July to September. They look very beautiful as if the earth was decorated with different colors of these kinds of flowers. It seems like these flowers along with other flowers bloom at this time of the year when the summer is ending and autumn is entering to entertain the people also to make the earth very pretty and give relief to the people from summer high temperatures

 At the end of September and as October enters the temperatures drop some more and starts the beautiful nature process – the leaves start changing colors slowly at the end of September and start becoming dark in October. Each tree looks so beautiful and it seems like all of them showing of different colors and making the tree and leaves full of so much beauty as if competing to please the people or the Sun, Moon, and the Earth which are their close friends.

Wherever you turn there are different colors like Orange, Pink, Light Yellow color, sometimes when the whole leaves haven’t changed colors to one color at that time down of the tree looks with the changing colors half of the leaf turns pink and the other still green. The ripened leaves at the top looks pink and that tree looks as if someone painted by selecting those colors.

Maple trees leaves change dark apple color. Those leaves and the Maple trees with the apple colored leaved look most attractive. Tourists from different places of the country and from other countries travel to the hills, mountains where all the trees from faraway look like the utmost scene of beauty on the earth when they start changing colors to when they all changed colors. Lot of artists come there and stay to get inspiration and try to catch nature’s beauty through their brushes. They may try as hard as they can but still the natural and real and original scene is the most fabulous scene on the earth.

 The reason why the leaves turn colors and fall off is as the temperatures slowly fall down the heat in the sun rays becomes less and photosynthesis, which is so important for the leaves, doesn’t happen during that time. The leaves always have all these colors but chlorophyll covers them and the leaves look green. Chlorophyll, which gives green color to the leaves, goes away as the days become shorter and dry, so the plants do not make food. That’s why the leaves change the colors and then they fall off the trees to get ready to face the hard and long winter!

If you want to know why Maple trees change its colors to apple colors there is a reason to it. It has pigment known as Anthocyanin which is present in apples, cranberries, cherries, etc. This pigment makes the Maple leaves turn bright red like apples. The tree looks very beautiful. This pigment is present mostly in New England and Canadian Maple trees. The fall season, changing of colors starts in September and most of the leaves fall off by the end of November and official winter starts from 22nd December.

 When the leaves fall off people rake them and kids love to jump and play in them. It’s so much fun to watch and play too. The fall season looks as if lot of painters from above painted each leaf and tree to make it a colorful world for a couple of months. It makes us wonder about all the fabulous colors of autumn. If the spring season is all about colorful and beautiful flower blooms, then the fall season is all about the changing colors of leaves.

Enjoy the Fall Season in US looking at the pictures.

“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ― Lee Maynard