Bell's Palsy





Bell's palsy is also known as facial paralysis, the word paralysis might frighten you. But it is yet another inflammatory viral infection, which is not deadly in its advent. A person suffering with Bell's palsy complains of his unability to close an eye, smile, frown or raise an eyebrow and drooling of the mouth. Though it has no bearing with the changing weather but it is seen in people who are suddenly exposed to extreme heat or chill!


Bell's palsy alters the sense of taste too. It is advisable to eat soft foods as your mouth is not completely under your control!

Even without any treatment it subsides all by itself within 2-3 weeks. While the medical procedure would comprise of dosages of steroids and antiviral drugs combined with physiotherapy, which is very beneficial. Steriods are the prime healers, while physiotherapy speeds up the recovery. The unrecovered Bell's palsy is surgically treated called smile reconstruction.

At home, we can strengthen our facial muscles by tightening and relaxing. Massage with oil or a suitable cream would be a home substitute for physiotherapy!

Bell's palsy is just an inflammatory disease and nothing to fear about, but an unrecovering Bell's palsy should scare you! As it is a viral infection, it is possible that the same person may be affected twice or more!!