How tea can help you stay fit


Tea plays a key role for your health and it acts as:

Moisturiser for skin: In case you have dry skin, you can spray your face with cold and green tea. It will hydrate the skin and also remove impurities.

Curing Eye puffiness: Try placing a used tea bag in the refrigeration followed by placing it under the eyes. The caffeine present in tea works well for shrinking the blood vessels and it really helps in reducing puffiness or dark circles.

Hair shine: Rinse your hair well by making use of black tea or green tea. It will reduce hair breakage and also stimulate hair growth and aid regrowth.

Removal of foot odour: You can use a black tea foot soak which can help smelly feet. The compound called tannic acid present in tea will help you tackle the problem.

Soothe the skin after shaving: If your legs may turn red and also experience the itch after shaving, see whether you can place a cool teabag on the affected area. It helps in soothing the razor burns on

- Kalam Dhari