Five Healthy skin foods


A healthy skin signifies a healthy body and there are five foods which can add that glow and rejuvenate your skin!

Lemon juices: A simple ingredient which can brighten up your skin like no other! Lemon juice tightens up the skin pores, gets rid of the oil, resulting a squeaky clean and shiny face.

Eggs: Take the whole egg or simply the white, which when applied on your skin will give an enhanced moisturising effect. The white part firms up the skin. Gently rub the egg white over the skin surface and wash off.

Honey: Honey can be applied daily on the face. It has a great moisturising effect and also fights infections and skin acne imparting the skin with soft and supple properties. Take some honey, mix it with few spoons of lemon juice and sandalwood powder and you can apply it for the face followed by rinse off.

Strawberries: The fruit acts a very effective cleanser as it contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, and exfoliants. Crushed strawberries can be used a mask and also can be rubbed over your skin. Simply observe the glow!

Bananas: The tropical fruits are a great moisturiser which also imparts a refreshed feeling to your skin.