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Operation GoldFish Movie Review

on Oct 19, 2019

Cast: Aadi Saikumar, Satya Karthik, Nithya Naresh, Rao Ramesh & others

Director: Saikiran Adivi

Producer: Prathibha Adivi, Katta Ashish Reddy, Keshav Uma, Satish Degala

Music Director: Sricharan Pakala

Release Date: 18th Oct 2019

Director Saikiran Adivi had told before the movie release that the film is about the Kashmir Pandits and that the state of Kashmir is an integral part of the country. The producers of the movie faced a lot of difficulties for the movie to release. Proper promotion was also not possible because of the financial issue. Amidst all this, the movie has finally released today. How is it? Let us read the review.


Commander Arjun Pandit (Aadi Saikumar), reaches Hyderabad after getting an information about Ghazi Baba coming to Hyderabad. He finally gets hold of him. He plans to shoot him there. But due to the orders received from the higher officials, Arjun hands over Ghazi Baba to the government. Knowing that Ghazi has been kidnapped by the Indian Security Force, Ghazi’s followers take away the Goldfish & ask in return ask to free Ghazi Baba. Arjun gets to know about this & starts Operation Goldfish. Who is Goldfish? What is Arjun Pandit’s past? What is the link between Ghazi & Arjun Pundit? Answers to all this forms the movie story.


The subject chosen by the director is very good. It is a story that will inspire all the patriots. With thousands of Kashmiri Pandits massacred by Pakistani-inspired terrorists, many Kashmiri Pandits have left their homeland and gone to other states to live their lives. Not only did the Director highlight this issue, but also reiterated that Kashmir is & will always be a part of India. They have also conveyed a message that center has done the right thing by revoking article 370. But to bring such a strong point on screen, the director did not get enough financial help.

The movie has three songs & their impact is very less for the movie. Background music is okay. Cinematography did not create the magic. Editing is also not very impactful. In lot of places the direction defects have been identified.

Plus Points:


Arjun Pandit Character

Second half which runs around Goldfish

Minus Points:

Weak sequences

Missing screenplay

Lack of Quality Production Values

Weak Climax


To be frank, the casting of this movie has been very weak. Except for Rao Ramesh, no one could attract the audience. Aadi looks fresh as Arjun Pundit but his acting & dialogue delivery is not upto the mark. Anish performance as a former Army officer was okay, but his dialogue diction seemed strange. Ghazi Baba character which was very crucial, did not seem good. His gestures seems immature & the dialogue delivery is not upto the mark. All the others have just done an okay job.

Clearly the movie has been miscasted!

TeluguOne Perspective:

Kashmir does not belong to Pakistan, it is, was & will always be a part of India. The motto of this movie was primarily to convey this point. But lack of production values in the movie has made it a little disturbing!

Rating: 2.25/5

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