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  Teluguone.com FAQ's
1. General Section
If I have some problem in teluguone.com, Whom should I contact?

Answer : You can contact our customer care Representatives at the following numbers :

   USA Phone Numbers : 678-528-2322 , 214-614-9002, 213-995-8100
   India Phone Numbers :+914066615404, +914023757192, +914023757193, Fax No : +914023753233

Live Chat :: Yahoo Messenger contact teluguone@yahoo.com.
MSN Messenger contact teluguone@hotmail.com
Gmail Messenger contact support.teluguone@gmail.com

Note: We are available 24/7 and operate from India

I am interested to contribute my literary work to teluguone, how can I do that?
Answer : Teluguone appreciates your talent and welcomes your "articles/poetry/stories" etc , to host them in the "sahityam" section of the site. You may send your work either by a mail or by post. Please click on the following link to view the feature and more information on how to send your work :http://www.teluguone.com/sahityam
I have sent query on astrology. When will I get it?
Answer : Generally the volume of queries on these sections are on the higher side. It approximately takes one month to post your answers back. In the case of further delay you may please contact us at support@teluguone.com
2. Telugu Shop
How do I know the status of my order?

Answer : We request you to contact our support team available 24/7,or send a mail to telugu_shop@yahoo.co.in / oone@objectinfo.com for any details with respect to your order.

2.2 Can I suggest a place to deliver my order which is not available in your list?
Answer : We welcome any place to deliver with in our reach, but we request you to provide the information/request well in advance, to take up the order.
Do you deliver special orders which are not available in your gift shop?
  Answer : We certainly would like to take up the special orders to serve our dear customers, but request you to order a minimum worth of $50.