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How to see characters in your Language on Teluguone.com

For your convenience, we are using "Dynamic Fonts" on this web site.
How to see characters in your Language on Teluguone.com

Inspite of this, if you are face any difficulties in viewing the fonts of your favorite web site, please read these help pages carefully.

If the browser cannot display or print dynamic fonts, it uses default fonts instead. The Dynamic fonts are supported by the following browsers and their versions:
Operating System
  Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 4.x Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 6 Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 7 Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 4 * Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 5 * Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 5.5 * Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 6.0 * Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 7.0 * Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer 8.0 * Checkmark
  Netscape 4.x Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 6 Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 7 Checkmark Checkmark
  Internet Explorer    
  iCab Checkmark Checkmark
  Netscape 4.03 Checkmark Checkmark

If your browser does not support Dynamic fonts, please download the true type fonts and install them in the fonts directory of your windows operating system (only).

Dynamic fonts are best supported by Netscape Navigator 4.5 onwards, although they can be viewed in other browsers too.

The first time they are downloaded, Dynamic fonts may take about 45 secs to download. If they don't, then you need to adjust your browser settings. You can do so by using our Font help files.

Patience is a virtue, and with some dynamic fonts, a requirement. If your dynamic fonts do not seem to be loading, make sure you allow enough time for the fonts to download to your browser. Download times vary, depending on the size of the dynamic font and the speed of your connection to the Internet.

Sometimes, you might not be able to view the fonts on the site ina single attempt. In such a case, please have patienceand retry a couple of times.


If fonts are rugged or coarse in Windows '95, please verify if there is a 'plus' tab in windows "display properties" option. If it is not there, then download the Windows font smoother from Microsoft and Put a check mark in the "Smooth edges of screen fonts" option on the "Plus" tab

For Windows '98 and Windows NT users, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS as it is built in and just go into display properties --> effects tab and select the option "Smooth edges of screen fonts".


  1. How to download true type fonts
  2. How to correct appearance in Netscape Navigator
  3. How to Correct appearance in Internet Explorer
  4. Frequently asked questions

If your problem still persists and is not resolved by performing the outlined actions, please send a complete description of your problem to us at:oone@objectinfo.com We are always there to help you.

Please include information about these aspects of your software:

  1. Your browser name and version number.
  2. Your operating system name and version number.